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Been to Several Chiropractors

 I've been to several Elk Grove chiropractors over the years and I've finally found the Holy Grail of chiropractors!  Dr. Greco is excellent at reading your body and symptoms.  Most chiropractors do the same robotic moves/manipulations with each visit.  But Dr. Greco customizes her treatments to your specific body.  Not only that, but she customizes her treatments to you each visit, as the body is always changing and has different areas that need attention.  She has a calming way about her that puts you at ease and you feel like she genuinely cares about you and your health. 

- Gina

Feared Chiropractors

When you pull into the parking lot, Greco Chiropractic is at the end to your left.
I have always feared going to a chiropractor mainly because of the neck adjustments! Just the thought of my neck cracking has kept me away until now. I injured my neck overexerting myself in the gym and couldn't take the pain anymore and through research found Dr. Greco. First time visitors call 800-779-1927 to set up an appointment. Before you go visit the website and print a coupon for a $19 for your exam. When you arrive you fill out paperwork and after your exam Dr. Greco will consult with you then help adjust you. She takes her time to make sure you are comfortable with everything she is doing. I definitely will be returning and recommend her!   -Alicia L.

Helps My Neck Pain

 My first visit to Dr. Greco was because of seeing her many positive reviews online.  Her knowledge of the body goes far beyond spinal adjustments.  Several times a year Dr. Greco attends seminars which further her education of the body and its functions. 

Dr Greco is more to me than a doctor who adjusts my spine. She knows when to make a referral to a medical doctor. Not only does she help my back pain at an affordable price, Dr Greco is truly a friend. Whether it is joking and laughter, or listening with compassion, Dr. Greco is an outstanding Elk Grove chiropractor and person. I recommend that you try her, whether you are new to chiropractic or have been disappointed with previous doctors; you won't regret your visit!   -JayJay W.

Walked with a Limp

Thank You Dr Greco !! 

I highly recommend Dr Greco . I have been seeing for about a year now . I was having back issues and I would at times walk with a limp , but Dr Greco has corrected these issues. I am on her monthly plan so I see her once a month . I also like the fact that she is available on weekends too . So give Dr Greco a try you'll love her .... Robert

Caring Chiropractor

 Dr. Greco is a wonderful person, above being a chiropractor, that truly cares! Before any adjustment she greets you warmly and asks how you are doing!  You can ask her just about anything and she'll give you a genuine answer. She is not just any chiropractor; she's a chiropractor that listens to you!
Her initial examination is two fold: she asks you some general questions about your health and then she observes your flexibility in movement.  When her initial screening is finished she adjusts you in the same visit. When you need an adjustment just visit her during her office hours. She is quick and efficient with every adjustment. I've seen her now on a monthly basis for over a year and a half for lower back pain and neck pain. I must say I have not had any pain since visiting her for adjustments on a regular basis.
You won't regret it!   -Diana C.